Let’s Talk


I am Fr. John M. Kincaid, Priest-in-Charge of St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Mission in Palm Desert, CA. Welcome to the Acton Anglican blog! The purpose of this blog is to discuss many and varied theological topics and issues from an orthodox Anglican point of view. I invite you to leave any thoughts or comments on any of the individual posts you read in order to think and dialogue further. If your comment necessitates a response, I will reply back to you!

On this page, I also invite you to write me about anything! I especially would like you to leave me questions for all things theological or biblical that I may use for future posts. Either through reply or through posts, I will respond. Just keep in mind that I will be responding from the particular perspective of my Christian faith tradition. I encourage you to ask your question of many different types of people and views.

And if you’re ever in the Coachella Valley area, come on by St. Mary Magdalene’s for Mass!